Project: Wildlife Awareness

The Wildlife Awareness Project


The aim of this project is to protect seabirds around Cornish Coastline and raise awareness about how to preserve their habitat. We aim to Protect and Preserve the wildlife around the Coastline by providing information to the public and spread awareness of our rich environment at beaches and bays.

We also plan to raise awareness to users of the coastline about the proper etiquette around the wildlife and the useful information available from Cornwall Marine and Coastal Code Group.


The Cornish Coastline is home to a huge array of wildlife. Coastline users getting too close to wildlife hotspots can spark mass flushes of nesting seabirds from their cliff ledge nests, causing eggs to be knocked off and leaving chicks open to predation. Grey seals can be spooked during vital resting periods causing problems for pregnant females who then flee to get back to the water.