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Hi, this is a little message from us at Solve Web Media. In short, Solve is a search engine optimisation (SEO) and web design company based in Cornwall. We have built the Protectors of the Sea website, host it, set up SSLs and given advice on best internet practice.  We even made the logo. All for free.

Why Help for Free?

Well, a few reasons…

#1 – We care about where we live


Due to the nature of our business, being creative is key to our success. Living in Cornwall and being immersed in nature really helps clear the cobwebs and allows clear thinking. Loving where we live inspires us to devote our skills to help others.

#2 –  We love nature and the planet

If we can do our bit to help those creatures that can’t speak human and who are unable to defend themselves in our ever-encroaching world, then this is what we will do. Someone has to fight their corner.

#3 – We want to do business better

Why squeeze everyone and everything be out for all you can get. We feel that to give is as important as to take… It’s all about balance.

As a company, we allocate a number of resources to good causes. Not only so we use our skills to get businesses business, we can help those in need too. It’s not all selfless. It gets our name out there too, so it’s a win for everyone.

How we work has an effect too. Our website hosting servers are powered by 100% renewable energy. Our office is partly powered by solar. Even our loo roll is not made of trees (bamboo) and 50% of the loo roll company’s profits go to building loos in poor locations.

There are many more things we are doing and I hope this little blurb may inspire your business (or the one you work for) to make little changes which combine to make a big difference. If you’d like to learn more about Solve, then please visit our website.


(Legal disclaimer: Solve disclaims any responsibility for the consequences that might result from the transmission and delivery of information. Website and content are the property of Protectors of the Sea).

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